BMA Seminary

Degree Programs




Students who do not intend to pursue a program of studies leading to a degree may take a number of courses by correspondence (see Distance Learning). Upon request, a Certificate of Christian Leadership will be awarded to the student who satisfactorily completes twelve (12) semester hours of studies. A Diploma of Christian Leadership will be awarded to the student who satisfactorily completes twenty-four (24) semester hours of studies.

The Diploma of Christian Leadership is a twenty-four semester hours program of studies designed to be completed in 24 months. With the approval of the BMAA Missions Department, the following twenty-four hours of studies plus Miss 316 (making 27 hours) may be taken as part of the qualifications for a church planter.


When taken for credit, diploma courses may be applied toward the requirements for the Associate of Divinity degree. Following the completion of these studies, students may attend the official BMA Seminary graduation ceremony.


Upon satisfactory completion of the Diploma of Christian Leadership program and requirements of BMAA Missions Training, the graduate should be able to accomplish the following objectives:
1. minister at an acceptable level as a church planter or in a ministerial capacity in a church.
2. demonstrate leadership skills as required in the ministry of a local church.
3. understand and be able to communicate essential biblical truths in the context of Christian ministry.


YEAR ONE (12-15 hours) The letter "c" stands for correspondence. See Distance Learning for details.

PM 111c____ PR 111c____
TH 211c____ RE 112c____
*Miss 316____  


YEAR TWO (12 hours)

EV 111c____

RE 211c____
CH 211c____ Biblical Elective



Taken without Miss 316  24 hours

Taken with Miss 316*     27 hours


*Miss 316 is required only for those students who are taking the BMAA Missions Department training for church planters.