The Olive and the Almond

on March 5, 2018 Faculty with 0 comments

The secret to a God-pleasing life is to become an almond by being an olive. That sounds cryptic and strange, but Christians possess a treasury of strange sayings. We are the ones who talk about being “born again” and “on fire for God,” after all. The special relationship between the olive and the almond tree illustrates one of the Bible’s most important […]

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Why Does God Allow Hurricanes, Floods, & Mass Murder in Church

on December 6, 2017 Faculty with 0 comments

Why? Why did this happen? Why did God let this happen? Why did God let this happen to me? These are questions often asked when we hear about or experience a natural disaster, horrific mass murder, or injustice. The last question is often asked during a time of personal crisis. Pastors and Christian helpers often […]

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