DiscipleLink Tutorials

How to Register in DiscipleLink

Before you are able to participate in classes in the approaching semester, you MUST make certain your entire obligation has been funded. 

It is YOUR responsibility as a student to contact the Business Office to make financial arrangements and to confirm that you are clear.  If you have not fully made arrangements, your professors will be notified not to allow you to attend class until satisfactory arrangements are made.


To begin registration, login to DiscipleLink.

Most features can be found in the menu in the upper left corner, under My Info


Click on Register For Classes

Click on I Agree to continue


You must then select a semester. Often there is only one semester open for registration.


The top half of the Registration page has a listing of all available courses, with details about each course.


You can click on each Course Number to bring up information for that course.


Clicking Add on the far left of a course you want to take will add it to your cart on the bottom half of the page.


If you make a mistake when adding a class (like adding TH511 online when you meant to add TH511 on-campus), down in the cart at the bottom you can either click to Drop that class (which will remove it) or click to Replace that class (which will then allow you to add a different class to replace it). Note that any classes that are dropped or replaced are highlighted in pink, but remain visible in your cart.


Once you have finished adding classes, review your class schedule and then click the button Click here to confirm registration


You will then see this message. Click on the button to see your bill for the semester.


IF THERE IS AN AMOUNT IN THE “BALANCE DUE LESS AID” LINE,  You must pay the amount showing by the end of Registration Week or call the Business Office to make other arrangements to pay.  This applies to ALL students, even students eligible for Financial Aid.


If you are not eligible for PELL and have not opted to take loans, you have two choices:  You may pay the entire balance at the time of registration, OR you can agree to pay the tuition portion of your bill in installments.  If you elect the installment plan, you will still be required to pay your fees at registration time and you will have to pay an installment payment plan fee of $20.00.  You can see the breakdown of fees and tuition by selecting View Details.


The amounts shown in yellow highlight (highlighted here only, for purposes of example) are the amounts you must pay at time of registration. Anything not noted as tuition must be paid at time of registration.


On this statement, you can see any payments you have made or make a payment immediately. Notice that the Balance Due Less Aid amount is your bill total less your payment amount.


Finally, if you have financial aid like PELL, student loans, or scholarships, they will show up as Verified Aid. If you have already arranged for a tuition contract, it will also show up under Verified Aid.


If you feel you should have financial aid of some sort, please contact the Dean’s Office to verify that we have received your FAFSA and/or your Loan Request Form.  

If you have already verified with the Dean’s Office that you are eligible, you should contact the Business Office.   Depending on the number of students being assisted that day, there may be a delay in entering financial aid.  

You may log in and go back to the Billing Statement screen as often as you wish to see the status on your financial arrangements.


Dean’s office:  Lisa Henderson, 903-586-2501, or bmatsem@bmats.edu

Business Office:  Melina Baker, 903-586-2501, or melina.baker@bmats.edu