Taking Individual Classes

Associate Of Divinity from BMATS

BMA Seminary offers educational opportunities for several kinds of individuals:

Students Pursuing a Degree at Another School

You can take classes at BMA Seminary for transfer to the school where you are pursuing a degree. BMA Seminary is accredited by both SACS and ATS and credits have been transferred to a variety of seminaries, universities, and colleges. Please note that the receiving institution makes final determination over the acceptance of credit from other schools. It is your responsibility to ensure that any credits taken at BMA Seminary are applicable to your degree program and will be accepted by your school.

Individuals Who Want to Learn

Take classes for personal enrichment. Do you want to take your Christian ministry to the next level, but are not ready to commit to completing an entire degree? Do you simply to learn more about God’s Word—what it says, what it means, and how to apply it today? There are several ways to benefit from BMA Seminary:

  • Take classes for credit for personal enrichment
  • Audit classes for no credit to learn more (not all classes are available to be audited)
  • Take Free Classes (no credit)
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