Student Life

Student Life

Student Life Studying

Students at BMA Seminary form a close-knit community. Families work, study, play, and worship together.

Student Life Fellowship

Students are able to fellowship through regular celebrations and meals held throughout the year and, of course, between classes.

Student Life Games

While a lot of time is taken up with studying and writing, there is also time to have some fun and meet new people.

Student Housing

Student Life Housing

Student Life Playground

The seminary has apartments and duplexes for students. The units consist of one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, and three bedroom apartments. Apartments with multiple bedrooms are reserved for students with children. The apartments are located immediately adjacent to campus in a quiet neighborhood. There is a playground and basketball court in the apartment complex along with plenty of open space for play and recreation. Students who attend the seminary may live in these apartments at an affordable rental rate. Those interested in student housing should submit a Request for Housing with their admissions application.